Audio To-Do List


Audio To-Do List

FabioRosado Saturday, 30 Sep 2017

The idea of creating a To-Do List that could be controlled by voice came to me when I was developing the Assistant project. I wanted to add more and more functionality to the Assistant and one night the idea of a to-do list controlled by voice popped in my head.

Initially I thought it would be an easy task. Slowly it became a bit more complex than expected. In the end I thought it would be good to just use this To-Do List as a single program instead of a full integration with the Assistant project.

The decision to implement the To-Do List on a txt file was made simply because it allows the user to edit the file directly without the need of saying the commands out loud.


  • The Good
    • The commands are simple and easy to remember
    • The help command comes in handy
    • Using a txt file makes it easy to edit the to do list without voice commands
  • The Bad
    • Can’t be used on noisy environments
    • The speech seems unnatural and too fast at times
  • The Ugly
    • The speech recogniser might have trouble recognising words if the user has an accent
    • There must be an internet connection for the recogniser to work
    • The loop will run forever. If no command is given the message Sorry, I couldn't understand that command. will be repeated over and over again.


GitHub repo: