A hub for the 100DaysOf challenge and a better way to log and keep track of the user progress.

Jekyll Sass Bulma

Landing Page

Quote and Weather

A landing page that shows quotes, current weather and time, it also has a list of to do and notes.


Sentiment Analysis


Does sentiment analysis on a subject depending of opinions shared on twitter by using the NLTK library.

Python NLTK Twython

Chat Bot

Opsdroid Skill - Words

A skill to be used with Opsdroid that takes advantage of the NLTK library to allow opsdroid to translate or define a word.

Python NLTK Opsdroid

Chat Bot


An open source chatbot framework written in python. It is designed to be extendable, scalable and simple.

Python Asyncio NLU

Voice Controlled

Audio To-Do List

A To-Do List controlled by voice commands that keeps track of unfinished items on a simple txt file.

Python SpeechRecognition